I want to be burned 

 Juni 8, 2021

Sometimes she wants to leave marks on beloved D.'s skin. 

Red marks on his neck.

Scratch marks on his back. 

Bite marks on his shoulder.

Not out of possessiveness. 

Not to mark her territory. 

Just because ...

Just because. 

Or maybe because D. has left more marks on the landscapes of her soul than anybody else.

When she met him, she thought he would make for a terrible husband.

She thought she'd better stay away from him -  but her body didn't share her thought's view. 

Her body wanted to be stamped and marked and burned by him. 

And as it turned out, he made for an amazing husband; nine years later, they both would always know and their bodies would always be the proof. 

As in Louise Glück's poem.

The Encounter

You came to the side of the bed
and sat staring at me.
Then you kissed me — I felt
hot wax on my forehead.
I wanted it to leave a mark:
that’s how I knew I loved you.
Because I wanted to be burned, stamped,
to have something in the end-
I drew the gown over my head;
a red flush covered my face and shoulders.
It will run its course, the course of fire,
setting a cold coin on the forehead, between the eyes.
You lay beside me; your hand moved over my face
as though you had felt it also-
you must have known, then, how I wanted you.
We will always know that, you and I.
The proof will be my body.

~ Louise Glück

D. must have known, then, how much she wanted him. 

But he didn't, and when she told him, he didn't believe her. 

He didn't believe someone like her would ever fall in love with someone like him. 

But her body did, and after a while, so did her heart.