The misconception of freedom 

 Juli 22, 2021

The other day, her transpacific lover sent her a quote by Charles Bukowski:

"and when nobody wakes you up in the morning, and nobody waits for you at night, and when you can do whatever you want. What do you call it, freedom or loneliness?"

"This is the saddest quote I ever read", she answered. "Bukowski didn't know anything about freedom."

Did he think, freedom means one can do whatever they want? 

Did he never realize that real freedom grows from real connectedness? 

"Waking alone is the worst kind of feeling", her other wrote. "It's a petit mort."

"I love to wake alone", she answered. "It's being born anew."

Every morning she wakes alone - and then she reconnects. 

With her breath. 

With her body. 

With her soul. 

With the giant pine outside her bedroom window, with the birds in the garden - and with her lovers.

Then she gets up and hugs and kisses beloved D.

That's what she calls freedom.