And still felt lonely 

 August 12, 2021

"Have you ever slept in someones arms and still felt excruciatingly lonely?", she asked hummingbird S.

"Hah!", he answered. "I was married for three decades, so most definitely."

"What's the difference between 'lonely' and 'alone'?", she kept asking. 

"I think it’s easier to feel lonely with others around. Alone is more physical than psychological", he explained. 

It's so painful to feel psychologically lonely in a moment of physical togetherness, isn't it? 

Then, there's also the feeling of isolation. Of alienation. 

"For me, that's less overcomable than loneliness. Is 'overcomable' a word?", she wrote.

"I don’t think 'overcomable' is a word anyone uses", S. answered. "But it should be."

"It's words that make me feel less lonely", she thought. "Maybe that's why I always invent new ones."

"Words are the wool I'm knitting bridges to other people with", hummingbird M. once said. 

"Knit me a golden word pullover", she answered. 

And he did. 

Photo by canva