How do hands know 

 Juni 17, 2022

How do hands know. 

How do lips know. 

How do tongues, legs, arms, fingers, cheeks, ribcages, toes, pelvises know. 

How do cocks and cunts know.

With the right person. 

How do they know how to touch and how to stroke, how to caress, how to fondle and cuddle, how to lick and kiss and suck and throb and push and push back and hold and let go and coo and moan and groan and fall silent, how to speed up and how to slow down, how to be hard and how to be soft, how to give and how to receive. 

With the right person. 

How do two bodies who have only just met know how to cause each other such immeasurable pleasure. 

And such pain.

How do two pairs of eyes know how to look into each other's soul for a moment short and long enough to travel to the place where these two souls might have made a mutual promise eons before. 

With the right person.

Come on. 

It’s just pheromones, isn’t it. 



Organisms who are programmed to spread their genes. 

With the right person. 

Photo by Canva