Juni 22, 2022

When we meet again I’m wearing make-up. 

This time the hotel is fancy, and we share a room. 

It has a water lily wallpaper. 

„Does your wife know?“, I ask. 

„She knows you exist“, he answers. 

While we drink a glass of wine in the hotel lounge, our bodies remember. 

While we make love in our room, the pond turns into the ocean.

While he enters me, we gaze at each other with eyes wide open.

While we both cum with his first thrust, the pulsations won’t stop.

Another wave and another and another. 

Wild Atlantic. 

Later we lay spent and exhausted, facing each other. 

„Of all the water lilies, you are the most beautiful“, he says. „White. With a shade of pink.“

Then he traces my shoulder and my arm, zigzagging between my nevi.

„So many beautiful moles“, he says. 

„I’m a snow leopard“, I answer. 

I do not mention that the last person who zigzagged my skin and said my moles were beautiful, misappropriated 130K from me. 

„In the end, all magic leads to disenchantment“, I think. „Disappointment is inevitable. It’s just a question of time.“

The next day, driving home from the pond takes me seven hours on a train.  When I arrive, beloved D. is ironing his new dark blue shirt. 

I can tell he’s stressed. 

„How was it?“, he asks. 

„We had sex twice and my orgasms were supernatural“, I say. „It reminded me of the time the two of us first met. My body dissolved.“

„Sounds fantastic“, he answers. 

„Where are you going?“, I ask. 

„I’m meeting  K. in person for the first time“, he says. „I need to cut my fingernails. And I’m already late.“

„Let me finish the ironing for you“, I say. 

Until that day, I have never ironed any man’s clothes. 

Supernatural out-of-house orgasms seem to make me generous.

„Thank you“, says D. and hands me the iron. 

„There’s magic in the mundane“, I think. „Maybe there’s a chance it’ll last."

Photo by Canva