Sock exchange 

 September 5, 2022

When we meet at the Côte d’Azur in July, David and I have only one hour and manage to share a kiss. 

In September in Berlin we have hardly one night, and I wonder if we will manage to share a bed. 

He comes from Perpignan in the evening, I will go to London the next morning. 

„Hurry, let’s meet“, he texts. 

We visit an exhibition and have Vietnamese food together. 

He talks and is brilliant, I listen and am dull, too tired to articulate a single thoughtful sentence after days of teaching and holding space for my students.

He notices it. 

„Sooo…. where will we meet again?“, he asks and I sense that might mean the evening will soon be over. 

„What about cuddling instead of talking?“, I say. „I might be too tired for conversing, but I’m not too tired for that“. 

We take the metro. It’s hot, crowded and sticky in the coach. Our legs touch. The back of my hand traces his underarm. His fingertips touch my neck. We’re giggling like 7-year-old kids. „I see the smile behind your mask“, he says. „You have that impish spark in your eyes.“

After we’ve arrived at his temporary place, I demonstratively brush my teeth. He seems to understand und brushes his as well. 

We listen to awful music and giggle. 

We undress each other and giggle. 

I look at his fully erected giant cock and giggle. 

We have amazing simultaneous orgasms and giggle. 

In the afterglow we can’t stop giggling. 

It’s the funniest first-time-sex I ever had. 

„You feel comfortable in your skin", he says. "You like being yourself."

I fully agree.

And I remember what it was like to feel the exact opposite 20 years ago.

When I get up, it’s close to midnight. I call an Uber and collect my panties, my bra and my dress. 

We decide to exchange socks and giggle. 

He accompanies me down to the street. 

When the Uber arrives, we say farewell with a big hug. 

I don’t hear from him the next day and the days to come.

I don’t text either. 

We don’t need to. 

No doubt we’ll giggle together again one day. 

No doubt I’ll smile every time I put on his socks. 

No doubt without all the drama induced by exclusivity BS, having sex could be just that: playful and fun.